Winter Storm Survival Tips

Welcome to winter folks!

It is no secret to most people who know me, that I can be a complete spazz. I’m a worrier, to put it mildly. Some people subscribe to the notion of positive thinking. Books and movies such as Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ will tell you that your thoughts are directly related to your reality.

Think positive, live positive. Simple right?

But on the other hand, it seems like every time you turn on the news we are seeing some kind of natural disaster plaguing one place or another. Now I am not a negative thinker per se, I just like to have an action plan in place in case life decides to throw a curveball. Just because you make a plan does not mean it will work out. However, having a plan does make it easier to readjust when your plans go awry.

Would You Be Ready If Disaster Struck?

Even the threat of snow will thrust me into survival mode! So, here are my Top 5 Winter Storm Survival tips:

1. Fill up your gas tank. I’ll never forget when Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey and New York area. On the news, all you saw were major delays and backups spilling out on to the highway from people frantically trying to get gas to leave town. If that wasn’t bad enough, the gas stations starting running out of gas leaving hundreds of people stuck trying to make it in traffic to the next station. Oftentimes, unsuccessfully. That was all I needed to see to keep a full tank going into any potential winter storm.

2. Get cash. Depending on how bad the weather gets, it’s very likely that there could be major power outages. You run the risk of facing merchants who cannot run their credit card machine due to lack of power or wireless connections. Make sure you stop and get cash in case you need to buy supplies in a crisis or even if on a small scale you need to make a quick corner store snack run.

3. Stock up on food and non perishables. This is a no-brainer for me because I love to eat. And more than that, I love grocery shopping. (is that weird?) You would think most people would normally have food in their fridge, but you quickly learn the opposite when you try to go grocery shopping before a major storm. I’m never getting more than Oreos, fruit, and maybe a few items to make brunch. And don’t forget the bottled water. You never know what you may need this water for; drinking, bathing. So be prepared! Buy an extra case if you have pets. In the case of extreme weather that causes temporary displacement, you may want to have a temporary food supply, from a trusted supplier such as My Patriot Supply.

4. Buy supplies. I like to buy batteries, replenish my first aid kit, make sure I can locate candles and flashlights. If you have a generator, it would be a wise idea to make sure it has fuel. If you have children, this list of supplies will probably exceed what I have mentioned but the point is to buy or locate the items you may need if faced with an emergency situation.

5. Charge all devices. Charge all your devices and you additional battery packs ahead of time. If you don’t have an extra wireless charger go pick on up. They are great to have and you can find them as cheap as $5 from Five Below.

If you have an interest in My Patriot Supply products, click the red link to see what they are all about.

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