How I Did My Weekend Wash & Go ‼️

wash & go, eco styler gel, natural hair

As a natural girl, I pretty much have tried every curl set there is out there. But the easy wash & go has always alluded me.

I’ve watched tons of tutorials about wash & go’s and quickly realized I had made my first mistake thinking there was something quick and/or easy about this style. I’m not sure how the wash & go got its name, but I think the “wash and do 15 things” is a much better name for it.

How I Did My First Successful Wash & Go

Anywho, I decided to give it a shot and I actually loved the results.

Pantene, gold series, natural hair, wash & go

For my WNG, I used the Pantene’s Gold Series, which is my new staple line. I started by cowashing with their deep hydrating cowash and then deep conditioning with their repairing mask (I left it on for 5 minutes will I showered). I blotted my hair dry and plopped it with an old T-shirt for a few minutes. Next, I sectioned my hair into six and went over each section with the Pantene Gold Series Leave-In Detangling Milk, making sure to touch each curl and detangle at the same time.

After leave in conditioning, I went back over each section with Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Eco Styler Gel raking an ample amount of product over each section of hair. I then stretched and pinned my hair into three sections to elongate my curls.

wash & go, eco styler gel

Then I threw on a headband, let it dry, picked it out and Voila! I must admit, it certainly required less fuss than my twist out and gave me just as much if not more gratification.

It’s going to be a curly summer!



4 Replies to “How I Did My Weekend Wash & Go ‼️

    1. I have never really found my stride with wash and go’s either but this method I saw on Youtube works for me. I also never understood how anyone could get their wash and go to last for more than one day but with the eco styler gel, I just pin mine back in two clips, wrap and sleep and in the morning it’s stretched and still intact!

    1. Thank you so much! I found mine in the local hair store near my house but I also saw online that some Sally’s carries it. Let me know what you think when you try it, Angela!

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