Wednesday Inspiration: Using Failure As Motivation

This post is for anyone who wonders daily WTF they are doing with their lives and will it all make sense one day? Is all the effort, work, blood, sweat, and tears worth it? Will there ever be a breakthrough?

They say progress is as simple as taking three consecutives steps forward. Nothing in the text says they have to be leaps or bounds, but the ability to stick with your passions and see them push forward IS progression.

Keep moving!

Thank you to @CEOCharlie for the awesome post!

For all the new followers of the movement! I want you to know my story! I failed for 7 years before I ever had my first success…. This is my story: It took me 7 years of failure to become an over night success…. I wanted to use this as motivation for everyone who has been trying and has those thoughts of quitting…. You have to keep going! Each failure set me up for my next step. Every step of the way hurt… Each time I had to move on…. Especially in 2007 when I dropped out of college to become a camera man for soulja boy. I dropped just about everything in my life to chase an opportunity. Just 4-5 months later I got fired… Fell flat on my face. That is when I wanted to go into artist management. I signed a girl group and got them a record deal with Interscope records…. I thought at that point my life was about to change! About 5 months later they let me go as their manager for "Ciara's" manager back then. I just couldn't get anywhere… Kept falling flat on my face…. But I picked myself back up…. Pulled myself out of my depression and met "Travis Porter" this same week 8 years ago. I finally got my first success in business! After years of passing out Cds with my own 2 hands with my business partners…. We have gone on to sell millions and millions in music with our company street execs with Travis Porter, 2 Chainz, bankroll fresh, young Dolph and many others…. We've been nominated for Grammys and have had 8 world tours. It simply takes time… Use my story as your motivation… My advice to you is… Make mistakes faster… And get up stronger! Share this with a friend

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