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It’s an Instagram Tip Drill Tuesday!

This is probably not news to some of you IG gurus out there but I discovered an awesome tip while on vacation a few weeks ago.

While on the Beach in St. Maarten, every time I tagged my location in my Instagram story I saw a big spike in how many eyeballs saw my post. My story views had quadrupled! (really they increased 5 fold but I sucked at geometry and don’t have time to google if “pentagupuled” is a word).

I am savvy enough to know that any spike of engagement for me is a sign that I have landed on the popular page of some lesser known hashtag. Or in the case of IG stories; my post has got mixed up with a larger IG’s story. And it appeared I made it to the IG story for the Island and also on the things to do in St. Maarten story. I wasn’t sure if it was just a coincidence so the next day when we island hopped to St. Barth’s Ist tagged them and You guess it; I ended up in their IG story.  It’s really that simple!

Here’s how you add a location to your insta story:

Bonus Exposure: Crank your views up a notch by also using hashtags and even tagging people in your video. It sends them a notification and can also get you in the back door of their story #sorryNotSorry!

If this tip was news to you do me a favor and share or repost this blog with your followers!

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