The Perfect Gift For The Beer Lover In Your Life

What’s up Invading Martians! I hope you are doing well in this summer heat! Today, I have a great Blog coming your way all about my husband and his favorite thing (besides myself and Juju!)…


Yes, Beer! Who doesn’t love to see that cold foamy goodness headed there way when at the bar. I know I do! Keep scrolling to see how I managed to turn hubby’s favorite beverage into a great Father’s Day gift.

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I don’t know about you, but every year my husband gets a little harder to shop for. With each new creative gift I purchase him, it becomes harder to recreate that magic the following year.  Now that we are parents, I get to also add Father’s Day to the list of holidays I have to try to buy him a thoughtful gift for. 

My husband is a simple man. 

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He likes action movies, cooking out on the grill, and a great beer. As it pertains to the latter, he is what I would call a conessiour. He favors a good IPA but is willing to try almost anything. On a trip to Puerto Rico in the early stages of dating, the only Spanish word he knew was cerveza! I don’t know if that’s all he retained in 10th grade Spanish class or if he learned it in preparation for the trip, but let’s just say my man was ready. 

For his first Father’s Day, I wanted to get him a cool gift. As much as he loves the great Ralph Lauren gear I always buy him. I wanted to get him a gift that actually spoke to his personal interests. Hubby loves beer with a high alcohol content, and who doesn’t? But only a select few craft beers offer the bang he is looking for . So me being the smart, loving, and resourceful wife I am helped him achieve this. 

How you ask? 

By getting him a home brewing kit! 

This was one of the  greatest gifts I purchased for my beer loving husband. He absolutely loved it! I always joke with him that he turns every activity into  a project (he is a bit of perfectionist! I guess that’s why we don’t drive each other nuts) and this kinda is a project. He was happily geeking out coming up with great recipes to try. I also got him a good book to familiarize him with the science behind brewing and help him get the proper blend he is after. 

One reason this is a great gift is because we love to entertain.  He gets so excited explaining to company what recipes he used to come up with the tasty libations they are indulging in. Another reason this is an awesome gift is because you can keep building on it. For Christmas, I plan to buy him a set of reusable beer bottles with customizable labels, so he can store his crafty brews in. I will update you guys in a few months (yep, it will be Christmas before you know it) on how that goes! 

Prefer to leave the beer making to the experts ?? Well Melvin Brewing is one of the best to do it. Not only do the offer a wide variety of well made brews they also stand for some great things outside of the barrel. 

Do you have other ideas on great gifts for men who are hard to shop for? Or just want to share your favorite beer? Drop me a line below!

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