Tech Talk: I Think I Want A Robot ?

Do you remember being a kid and it seemed like it took years to get through just one school year? What about the emensely long month of December? Fast forward to adulthood and it’s like time is literally flying. It was just summer, I was just scoffing that the Halloween candy that was out at the end of September and now it’s Thanksgiving! But no need to mull over my Christmas list but this year, I already know what I want.

As a lover of Sci-Fi horror movie, I certainly have my sights set on an unlikely gift; I want a robot! Yes I know, this never ends well for folks in movies. It won’t be long before I anger the robot and he or she kills everyone I ever loved.  Just kidding, this is real life (right ?⁉️) and I invite anyone who thinks this is weird to just think about all the robots we already have in our lives; Siri, Alexa, Roomba, Cortana.

By day I work in the automation engineering arena so I’m well aware that owning a personal robot would without a doubt makes life cooler, but I want it to make life easier.  I came across an article in the Washington Post about two new robots that are now available for human interaction. Jobi and Kuri, are two new buddies coming our way just in time for Christmas. I cannot lie. I was Intrigued by Kuri in particular as she boasts the ability to talk photos. (I’d like to note the hubs is totally against this but the idea of only being a part-time Instagram husband did entice him.) That sure would make my life easier!

Robots Are Our Friends

We have nothing to fear as it pertains to robots. Their artificial intelligence won’t eventually overturn us nor will your job be taken by a bot. This article by Andrew Charlton can explain why much better than I can. Robots are the wave of the future. They are already being integrated into the workplace and now they might just be integrated into our families. You can’t pretend you didn’t want to someday live in a world like the Jetsons. We may not have flying cars yet but Rosie is upon us!

How do you feel about welcoming a friendly robot into your home? Would you actually want to hang out with a robot? Comment below and let me know!

Click the link for more jewels from Andrew Charlton !

2 Replies to “Tech Talk: I Think I Want A Robot ?

  1. I think having a robot would be hilarious, and helpful!

    There’s so many things they could do for us that we cba to do for ourselves!

    Why not?!? haha (great post)

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