Spring Date Ideas For People With Active Lifestyles!

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It’s officially Spring and it’s time to get out and about with the ones you love. May that be your boo thang or even your bestie, it’s time to shed those winter layers and get active. Here are five Spring Date Ideas you just have to try ASAP!

Axethrowing, spring activities, date night, relationships, tips,1. Axe-Throwing. This had to be one of my favorite activities ever hence why it is at the top of the list. Talk about a major stress reliever and ego booster if you happen to have decent aim. The facility we visited here in Philly was even a BYOB. Check out my skills for yourself!




Gardening, date night, Spring, tips,2.Plant a community garden.  A few years ago I decided growing my own herbs would be my new jam. And well it was! It wasn’t long before I was expanding on to new things to plant and dragging my man along for the ride. He actually liked this activity more than I expected. This is him pruning a raspberry patch in North Philly 😍

3. Check out an Antique Car Show. Checking out the latest and greatest in motor vehicles has always been a cool activity, but if you really want to kick it up a notch this spring, pay respect to the engineering greats and find a classic car show to visit. One of the most interesting things about these types of events is the amazing programming they offer outside of just checking out super dope rides. There are photo ops with your professionals who often star in reality shows about the business, view live restorations and pick up some pretty cool swag from the hundreds of vendors. Classic cars, antique car show, car shows, date night, Spring activities

 Brewery, tours,beer, wine, date night4. Tour a Brewery/Vineyard/Distillery.

This is one activity I do anytime the opportunity presents itself. From vineyards in California to the Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico to the Mount Gay Rum tour, I’ve seen them all (photo taken in Toronto). But this activity never gets old because of 1. Alcohol..hello?! and 2.  Because there are so many ways to make a great drink!

5. Play a sport (softball and tennis are our favs!) 

I absolutely love sports! I always have. I have played organized softball since the 7th grade and still work out almost daily. That was one thing the Hubs loved about me, even though he never shared the same sentiment for working out. Getting him to go with me for a run is impossible but getting him to play Tennis or Softball for 2 hours is a piece of cake! We get to bond, work as a team (or heckle each other), and my favorite part- hit the showers together!Tennis, sports, date night, tips, spring






Which Spring Date Idea would you try? Share your thoughts below!

8 Replies to “Spring Date Ideas For People With Active Lifestyles!

  1. Love the idea of ax throwing! Seems like a nice alternative to going to a gun range (that’s pretty common here in the south). I’m always looking for new date night ideas! I’m over the traditional dinner in a movie so I’ll definitely be trying a few things from your list.

    1. We go to the gun range too and like you said this is a great change of pace! Axe-throwing is becoming more popular, I would google it and see if there are any facilities in your area.

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