Snap Chat: My Rocco Basile Interview

I recently ventured out into the unfamiliar territory of attempting to take my own blog images and fell in love with the creative outlet of photography! I bought a camera and started doing a ton of online research so when I got the chance to interview professional photographer Rocco Bastille, I jumped at the opportunity!

Read: Rocco Basile Interview!

What kind of gear do you use?
Besides a collection of Nikon, Sony and Canon cameras, my photography gear also includes several lighting systems, modifiers, computers, lens and lens adapters. My selection of mount lenses includes the powerful Sony FE 28 F2.0 lens. The lens adapters are for mounting Nikon, Sony and Canon legacy lenses. These often come in handy when undertaking huge photography projects.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
A photography career follows a progression curve. One thing I wish I knew when I was getting into photography is to recognize that it is an expensive hobby. When I purchased my first SLR camera, I had to quickly invest in the appropriate lenses and flashes. I would advise any aspiring photographer to avoid very expensive gear at the beginning. The best approach is to avoid tying success to expensive gear and consider investing in good used gear, which can be upgraded carefully with time as new photography challenges come up.

Do you have any tips for newbies on how to recognize good shots?
A good shot takes into context factors like composition, perspective and lighting sources. A newbie can easily capture a good shot by closing in on the subject to get a better perspective. I would also suggest working along talented photographers to get the necessary exposure.

A newbie can easily capture a good shot by closing in on the subject to get a better perspective

If for some reason you could only do a professional shoot using three items which three would you pick?
My list of important professional photography accessories would include external hard drive, tripod and camera cleaning kits. I believe each every photographer needs to have a tripod for stabilizing the camera. A good multipurpose aluminum tripod can support weights of up to 20lbs. The external hard drive, on the other hand, is crucial if you have a huge collection of digital photos which you can transfer, backup or store for future reference.

Can you recommend a good beginner camera for someone who wants to take their own blog photos?
There are a couple of good cameras, I would suggest. First of all, getting a DSLR camera for a beginner is a big step from, using point and shoot cameras or smart phones because it promises better image quality. I would recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T6i because it offers great sensor and ergonomics. It also comes with an average battery life, Wi-Fi with NFC, articulating touch screen and powerful viewfinder coverage.

Do you own a mirrorless camera? What are your thoughts on those vs DSLR?
Cameras and adjoining accessories come in all forms and shape from Pro DSLR and point-n-shoot cameras to mirrorless compact systems and plastic cameras. From my personal experience, both mirrorless and DSLR cameras allow the user to change the lenses, even though most mirrorless cameras do not feature a complex mirror system. With regards to size and weight, DSLR cameras are relatively larger while the mirrorless cameras are smaller and feature simple construction. The two types of cameras feature speedy autofocus.

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