?Shelfies: ‘I Can’t Make This Up’ Life Lessons By Kevin Hart

Just picked up my favorite Philadelphia funnyman Kevin Hart’s new book! Last week, he was at The Parkway Central Library in Philly doing a meet and greet with pre-signed books, but the way my job is set up ( that’s a Kevin Hart joke btw, in case you have been under a rock for the last 6 years or so), I was not able to make it.

From just the first few chapters (sorry busy weekend), it appears the book will read like another one of Kevin’s stand-up routines.  Hart effortlessly weaves in real life experiences but this time it is coupled with some solid advice in the most hilarious of ways.  Documenting his uber humble beginnings in North Philly and leading us through the culmination of events that have lead him to be the Hollywood powerhouse he is today.

I cannot wait to finish it! You can also order Kevin Hart’s hilarious book here (Head ups: it’s an affiliate link)!





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