#MCM: 2017 Savings Check-In ‼

Here we are, staring down the barrel of another sure to be a productive week and I couldn’t be more in need of some of my own advice. I am here to do a quick Savings check in!

Next week, we will hit the halfway mark of 2017 and it is time for me to reflect on what I’ve done right. Historically, I prefer to dwell on everything I did wrong, but let’s try a different approach this time shall we?

Here is my recap of the challenges I’ve faced and progress I have made so far in 2017. I have organized it in the format that I evaluate everything in my life…S.W.O.T.


  • New and predictable income stream
  • New and varying second income stream
  • Full-time employment (I am a fan of this AND simultaneous entrepreneurship! Yeah it’s possible!)


  • New higher student loan payment
  • Designer coffee
  • Sneaker shopping
  • Vacation money (non-negotiable)


  • Rock solid  2017 budget
  • Daily Goal reminders
  • Hours and hours of mulling
  • Pre-Work: 2016 bill/expense overhaul


  • Unplanned expenses
  • Unplanned shopping
  • Social activities
  • The fact that I grocery shop almost daily
So what were my goals?

I have broken 2017 down into two halves. The first half was dedicated to saving for vacations. Obviously, vacationing is my number one goal in life (don’t judge me). I set a monthly savings goal of $600 based on my bills and monthly expenses. The plan was I would save $150 per pay period from my paycheck ($300) and would also force myself to put another $300 away monthly from my side hustles. I had some expenses at the beginning of the year that forced me to officially start my plan on February 1st.

February 1- June 30

Savings Goal: $3000

Projected Savings Actual: $2650 ($2050 as of today with two pay periods left). I think it’s important to point out I EXCEEDED the goal but ended up using $500 or so on some needed (and some not needed) business (and personal) expenses.

Holy Cow! I was able to come pretty damn close to my goal (looking at this in print makes me feel bad for all the bashing I did to myself over the few hundred I  had to spend.)

My first and second quarter savings are strictly for vacation. The plan is to have all the money I need for that by 6/30 (I actually only need about $300 with $600 allotted to save. So new rompers here I come !!) so I can move on to my next two quarter savings plan.

The second half of my year is dedicated to saving for some serious adulting: Debt pay down/credit repair and House Saving!!!! But I will tell you more about that next week‼


Update: I did so well with this initial goal that I decided to pursue helping others achieve the same thing. Take a quick look at my NEW site all about Saving and First Time Homeownership!



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