Art In The Park: ‘No Fear No Hate’ Volare Menswear Fashion Show‼️

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This weekend I took in some great culture and art in the park, Fisher Park to be exact. Nestled in the Olney section, Fisher Park was the stage for the “No Fear No Hate” fashion show put on by Philadelphia Designer Troy Adkins for his Big and Tall Menswear brand, Volare.

Hosted by Wallo267 and DJ’d by Siaani Love the day also gave style seekers a first look at Troy’s next project, Volare Art. It was a peaceful and classy soiree as the scenic park was littered with eclectic graffiti art pieces, the wares of African-American vendors and sponsors, food, drinks, and swag!

Check out Pics from Volare Menswear Fashion Show in Fisher Park!

Troy is a Philadelphia native who made history last fall when his show marked the first Big and Tall line to ever hit New York Fashion Week. Volare Menswear is a cutting edge streetwear line that captures the essence of trending styles and makes them available to the larger man.


invadingmars, volaremenswear, troy adkinsAfter the show, I got a chance to talk briefly with the ultra-humble creative Troy Adkins about what inspires him.

As a creative I am always fascinated with other people’s creative process. Can you describe what your creative process consists of?

You see so many things for smaller guys and I always wondered why they didn’t make those kinds of clothes for me. So my motivation is going into stores like H&M and Neiman Marcus and trying to make custom pieces that are for bigger guys but still slim fit.

And you did New York Fashion Week Right?

(Eyes Widen) Yes!

How was that?

That was exciting, very exciting.

Are you planning on going again?

Next, we are hoping to hit Los Angeles Fashion week so stay tuned.

Are there ever times where you experience creative blocks when designing and if so how do you work through those uninspired moments?

Honestly, my favorite motivator is Diddy and when I find myself in a slump I go watch some of his motivational talks.

A man after my own heart!

To keep up with Troy and the latest from his line Volare, by following them on Instagram @volaremenswear!


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  1. Wow I live in Philly! So cool to see him rising in the fashion industry. Thats so inspiring to other artists in Philly! Sharing this with my cousin lol great interview!

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