Cop Or Bop: Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin

Its Bowfin Season!

The origin of today’s Cop Or Bop is kinda cool. A Bowfin apparently is a fish that can breathe on both land and water (huh?!), and what a fitting name for these versatile feets!

I got these as a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband and love the fit. They look light but are pretty heavy duty and definitely a colder weather shoe. But don’t judge me when you see me wearing them in the summer. Again, versatility is the name of the game with these!

Nike, Bowfin, Air Max 270Benefits

via Nike

  • Textile and synthetic leather upper takes design cues from trail shoes and water moccasins.
  • Max Air unit is Nike’s largest to date.
  • Trail-inspired traction pattern provides durable grip.

Theae might be an aquired taste for some but they are a huge hit to me. Would you Cop or will you Bop?

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