#MCM: Retirement Options Millennials Can Save For Right Now

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Happy Money Crush Monday my friends! Let talk about retirement! I know what you’re thinking; we have plenty of time. But do you really? I am so very obsessed with this retirement option Millennials can save for while they are young!

But wait…

I have been so busy that I have neglected my #MCM duties for the last few weeks. But not to worry,  as I find new content and interesting ideas to share you all will be the very first to receive it.

I am taking a much-needed vacation and am actually writing this sentence from beautiful St. Barths!

Retirement Goals‼

Retirement Goals







I plan to return home fully recharged and geared up to finish 2017 strong. I have re-sharpened my focus on my financial goals and am looking forward to checking everything off my list.

Oh yeah, I had a point…

The point was to share this interesting article I found on CNN Money about a retirement option I never knew existed.

Immediate Annuity. According to CNN, the concept is simple: You hand over a portion of your savings to an insurer and in return receive a fixed monthly payment no matter how long you live and regardless of how the financial markets perform.

Today, for example, a 65-year-old man investing $100,000 in an immediate annuity would get about $550 a month for life, a 65-year-old woman would receive about $525 and a 65-year-old male-female couple would collect about $470 a month as long as either one is still living.

I love the idea of setting aside an additional allowance for myself to have during retirement. And the fund will pay you a fixed amount for life!

Read the full article here!

Do immediate annuities sound like a legit retirement idea for you? Comment and let me know how you plan on hatching your nest egg!

Until next time, make it a productive week!

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5 Replies to “#MCM: Retirement Options Millennials Can Save For Right Now

  1. So great you’re sharing this information! I actually learned about this option from a friend in finance and set up my own account last year. I feel great in knowing that I’m securing a fund for my future, because let’s be honest–we’re not getting a dime of that social security we’re taxed for and we can’t rely on the old system when we see how it’s currently so broken in the first place. PREACH, GIRL!

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