#MCM: Cutting Expenses ✂️

Happy Money Crush Monday!

Last year, at the start of the fourth quarter, also known to normal people as October, I set out to truly secure a second stream of steady income for myself.

Well, that’s not actually the beginning of the story. After over a decade of ducking out Sallie Mae, I was faced with the harsh reality that I would have to buckle down and pay dat hoe.

I got on a nifty little program that allowed me to pay a little bit for 2 years (I also pay a private loan that has just over a thousand dollars left before pay off, I call those #LoanGoals) then pay double that going forward. This works because:

A.) It had to! I make too much to qualify for any income-based programs, so this was literally all they could do for me ?


B.) Once I finish paying my private loan in about a year, the higher payment will equal what I was already paying over two payments.

Before I started looking for extra income I first took a look at my monthly expenses and started trimming the fat in my lifestyle.

I started downsizing everything which was easy because at the time I wasted my money on a lot of dumb stuff. My first round of cuts came from my numerous monthly subscription services


DropBox Premium-$10

Scriptwriting Software-$10

Apple Music-$10

The second round of cuts meant off with the cable. I had been going back and forth with this for over a year and finally decided to cut the cord. I leveled up on my wifi speed, invested in a Roku and a Jailbroken firestick.

One subscription I decided to add because of my buying habits and some of its other perks was Amazon Prime. I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon and the free 2-day shipping is nice! Also now that I was without cable I could take advantage of their prime video, music, and amazon photos actually replace my dropbox premium as it includes unlimited photo storage and up to 5 GB of video storage. I added the subscription to my Sprint bill at 10.99 a month.

I kept my Hulu and Netflix accounts to use on my Roku but if I needed to I could also cut these and rely solely on my firestick. Cutting cable saved me $75 after I deduct all my subscriptions needed to maintain my television habits.

Off the top, I was able to recoup $104 of the $140 I would be adding to my monthly bills. ????????????????????????????????

Come back next Money Crush Monday to hear about the apps I downloaded and ways I set out to conjure up a few new extra bucks per month.

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