Main Chicks Beware: Is a ‘Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte’ Reality Show Happening⁉️

Its a sad day for main chicks. Earlier today a photo began showing up in my newsfeed promoting what appears to be a new reality television show, Real Side Chicks of Charlotte.

Chowwww yes…

There has been quite a humbug made about the show with many mixed reviews. Of course the debate is split between those people who think it’s a horrible idea; a show that once again chooses to highlight only those black wowen who work hard to keep us all looking bad and…..

Of course you have all of us black women who faithfully rush home to see said depictions #guilty (in my defense I still watch Jerry Springer for the exact opposite reason ??‍♀️)

Anywho, it appears the show is real. At least the subject matter is. No real deets on if and by whom the show will be produced but I am already a fan.

Check out this unofficial YouTube “trailer” for the show:

Gotta love the internet!

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