Love Talk: Who Pays For What When We Move In Together⁉️

I found an interesting clip online of Dj Drewski and his fiancée Sky from the Love and Hip Hop New York cast. In the video, the couple were having a discussion about weither or not she should contribute to their very expensive rent or if as the provider, the burden should fall completely on him.

Check out the brief clip I posted on my Instagram

I think this is a topic not enough couples discuss BEFORE moving in together. Although, honestly I really don’t know how. Scratch that, yes I do. By being caught up in the fairytale idea of living with a man vs sitting down and figuring out the reality of living with a man.

I swore on a stack of Watchtowers once that I would never live with another man. However, a few years later here I am planning to do just that. I wouldn’t be embarking on this journey if I didn’t know Bae was worth it, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m used to doing certain shit, and as another adult who has lived alone for a long time so is he. So we can’t ignore the fact that even though we have amazing compatibility,  there will still be a whole heap of ways we can get on each others very last nerves.

But back to the topic at hand, who should pay the bulk of the bills upon cohabitation?





4 Replies to “Love Talk: Who Pays For What When We Move In Together⁉️

  1. I personally think it should be a healthy combination, and if comfortable for the couple, split based off income ratio. I’m totally not of the mind that the man should have to cover everything just cause they’re the guy and sometimes have the bigger salary!

  2. I think it depends on the couple and their particular situation. For us, he paid the bills and my money was for fun. Do whatever works for you, but definitely discuss it before moving in!

  3. That’s a very relevant topic. I am very old school and believe the husband should pay the bills AKA provide. Note, I did not say the man or boyfriend. The dynamics are different because of the level and confident of commitment. With the way things have changed in regards to more women being in the workforce and in leadership roles, I would say that this definitely has to be a mutual decision. Both working parties should contribute as the common goal should be love and keep a roof over their heads. Whatever decision is made, both parties has to be comfortable with it in order for the relationship to last. No solid decision means constant fights and regrets. I don’t have the time for it LOL

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