Influencer Marketing: A How To For Becoming Influential!

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Five years ago the term, Influencer Marketing didn’t really exist. Now that market consists of over 1.1 million Influencers in just about every country. There has been a ton of growth in the industry because you are basically making money by hanging out on a website you hang out on anyway. As saturated as the market is, there is an easy(er) way to become and influencers and then there is a hard(er) way. I add the (-er) because nothing annoys me more than people who think blogging is just playing on the internet. It is so much work!! And furthermore, it requires daily attention!

Don’t Believe Me? Check out these stats on Influencer Marketing!

I’ve been blogging for a minute. A little before it was the super popular way to voice your opinion. Now it seems almost everyone has a blog. Businesses and brands are realizing word of mouth is still the best form of advertising around. Companies are seeing the value in having real customers promote their products to the friends and family. Influencing on social media was once a feat only someone with millions of followers could do. But even that has changed! Micro influencers are now gaining momentum and pulling in advertising dollars as well. So it’s no surprise that there is an influx of interest in how to get started. I never wanted to be or saw my self blogging about blogging, but so many people have asked me where to start if they want to begin blogging.

After 5+ years of blogging let me tell you one thing…Enlist Automation!

5 Automation Tools To Jump Start Your Influencer Marketing Brand

Tailwind. Pinterest is a must use platform if you want to drive traffic to your site. I cannot think of one blogger who gets massive traffic to their blog but doesn’t use Pinterest to help. The thing about Pinterest is, there really is a science to it. But it is a simple science; you need to use it! Pinterest rewards users for spending time being active. Maybe you don’t have time to manually pin or just not to sure how to use Pinterest, let Tailwind pin for you! A monthly or yearly subscription to Tailwind has been worth it to me, and it has made an immediate impact on my Pinterest account.

Try Tailwind free for one month!

BoardBooster– I am relatively new to BoardBooster. It was always mentioned to me when bloggers discussed Tailwind. I assumed it was an either/or kind of deal but really now that I use BoardBooster, I realized that they both can be used to explode your traffic in completely different ways. Like I said above, Tailwind can be used to add as many pins as you want daily and let Pinterest know you engage on the platform daily and to give your posts more visibility. Then you can use BoardBooster to rotate your pins so that even your old pins get new life. You can also set loops, which will pin as many times as you specify to group boards. This will open your posts up to more eyeballs than just your monthly visitors. If you contribute to some great group boards that can be thousands of new impressions. Using BoardBooster and Tailwind is the best Pinterest strategy you can employ if you are short on time.

Click Meetings– Save time and money traveling to meetings with your team or blogger friends by using ClickMeeting. You can call a meeting anytime with this convenient service.

Host with Arch or Blue host– For maximum blog success you will need the freedom to expand, make changes and enjoy lightning-fast load times you will absolutely need to SELF HOST. There are a few companies to choose from but there are the BIG three I hear about the most Arch, Siteground, and Bluehost.

Fiverr– Working smart doesn’t have to mean doing it all yourself. Sometimes the smartest way to work is leaving certain tasks to the experts. Since that is not always cost-effective, I typically use Fiverr to contract professionals for small projects.

Yay, traffic is up, now what?

Time to join some influencer sites to get your profile in front of brands!

My Favs…Sites I’ve Made Actual Money On

Izea– Izea has some pretty good campaigns. I am never without at least 15 potential opportunities in my dashboard. I’ve made the bulk of my money by amplifying their client content, or contentAmp. Because my Facebook page has so many followers it is easy to get clicks on the articles. Each article will pay a different amount, but I have made as much as .37 PER CLICK. That may seem like pennies but with the going rate for PPC’s averaging .02. .37 is a small fortune. Even better, the articles you are promoting are actually interesting and engaging to your audience! Another bonus is once you link your facebook account, and apply for to promote, Izea will post the article for you!

Heartbeat – Heartbeat is another group Influencer marketing site that will connect you with a ton of different brands to promote products in exchange for free products, money or sometimes BOTH.

AmbassadHER- Same deal with AmbassadHer. This service costs $2.99 per month but I have found it to be more than worth it for getting yourself in front of the Brands you love.

Still struggling with traffic after trying these methods or simply want to cut to the chase and leave your public relations needs to the experts, look up Nancy at Behrman!

Do you have an automation tool or influencer marketing network that you absolutely love? Tell us about it down in the comments!

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24 Replies to “Influencer Marketing: A How To For Becoming Influential!

  1. Thank you for the great tips! I’m a new blogger and still trying to figure stuff out, haha.
    I also use, is that a good website to use in terms of monetizing? Thanks!!

    1. You are welcome, I sometimes work with brands via these networks from the same brands that have rejected my direct pitch. So its a great backdoor!

    1. I think it depends on the campaign for these sites. Some have US and Non US Campaigns. But I also use an app called “Canard” that is not based in the US (why I don’t use it that much), try them!

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to find some great ways to grow and this was a really helpful post!

    1. Im pretty new to BB but loving it so far. If you have a blog with tips about it, you can link it in the comments. I would love to read it!!

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