HoneyFund: The Wedding Gift You’re Embarrassed To Ask For!

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I received an email today about working with the brand, Honeyfund. Never having heard of them, I did a little google search and came up on a small debate:

Millenial couples are saying no thanks to the latest Toaster and are instead asking their wedding guests to contribute to their honeymoon. The question then becomes…

Is that tacky?

I’d say no. When I got married (the first time), I spent a good deal of my reception in a corner finally realizing I had stressed and planned this day for other people to eat drink and be merry while I was shoved into a sweetheart necklined, sequined straitjacket. It made no sense to me. Asking these very same partygoers to fund a significant event in your lives seems very very fair!

What real value does a tea set have in a new couples life? Not much. But a trip to Figi? That’s helping to build their foundation of memories.

Honeyfund: Check out what the experts think about it here! 

Now you weight in: Would you ask guests to donate to a Honeyfund? If asked, would you donate to a friend of family members Honeyfund?

20 Replies to “HoneyFund: The Wedding Gift You’re Embarrassed To Ask For!

  1. Yes absolutely – I’ve had 2 weddings (still happily married to the second husband!!) and both asked for a honeymoon contribution. We’re at a stage of our lives when we have most materialistic stuff already!

    1. That is awesome! I wish I was as smart as you when I got married (both times! It was the greatest idea I never thought of!

  2. I think honeyfunds are actually pretty common in my experience. I often give monetary gifts to help out the newlyweds with their honeymoon, future home downpayment, etc. I think it’s a really practical gift rather than getting something they may not really need. 🙂

  3. I definitely don’t see a problem in asking for contributions to go on a honeymoon for your wedding. I mean in today’s world a lot of people already have the items that they need for their house or apartment due to people getting married at older ages, so I believe that asking for money to help afford a nice honeymoon is a great idea.

  4. My daughter, her fiance and I just had this same conversation! They’re going to set something up online where wedding guests can gift them items on their honeymoon: “brunch”, “scuba diving excursion,” “photos on the beach,” “city tour”, “etc.

    1. That is such a wonderful idea. It used to be so taboo to ask for cash gifts but let’s be honest, that is a gift we can all use!

    1. I feel like the last person to find out about this! Lol I tend to give cash as well. It’s more practical for me and for them.

  5. Sooo smart! I know sooo many people who never even got a chance to enjoy a honeymoon because all their money went to the wedding. 🙁

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