Finally Found My ‘Niche’ !

New Niche, Who Dis?

Hello Peeps! I have some Exciting news on the blogging front!

Niche, lifestyle blogAfter over 12 months of trying to figure out what niche my blog would be, I finally found it. It was pretty hard trying to find a topic that I felt I could talk for HOURS about, but in the last year, I found it!

Check out my latest blogging adventure on my NEW Website!

From now on, I will be housing my credit, savings and financial hack blogs in a new location. 

Posts will likely be on Tuesdays and Fridays! But that could change as time passes. I will be starting out with 2 blogs per week while I offload all I want to say, then drop to one post per week.

Will you embark on this savings journey with me? 

I also have more exciting news to share as I take on my biggest adventure ever. Read all about it here!

Yup, I’m gonna be adding Mom Blogger to my credentials, as I navigate the unknown of parenthood. So far, so good! I’m still a rookie and will make some mistakes, but I am looking forward to learning and growing in my new role as Mommy!

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