EXCLUSIVE Interview With Too Short’s Accuser Ana Lou: “I Am Not Looking To Gain Anything; I Want Justice.”

A few months back I came across a tweet from Los Angeles songwriter Ana Lou humbly thanking her fans for being happy for her when she got the connection of a lifetime and was able to meet and team up with Cali OG rapper, Too $hort for a single. Much to everyone’s surprise, in that very same tweet she sadly revealed she had instead been betrayed by her mentor and publicly dismissed online. Since stumbling upon that tweet there has been very little said about the incident other than a brief interview TMZ did with the rapper where he vehemently denied having sexually assaulted his protégé.

I was lucky enough to have been able to speak with Ana Lou, the seemingly nameless victim at the center of this entire ordeal. In her first time talking to any media outlet, fans will finally get a closer look at who she is and how the events that now haunt her came to play out.

Could you tell me a little about yourself and your background?
I am singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, director, and actress who was born and raised in LA.
My early life consisted of being raised in Children’s hospital with a sickness “short gut”
I had two-thirds of my small intestines and an ovary removed, I also have a cyst on my stomach and on my brain. It is absolutely a miracle that I am alive today, let alone pursuing music.

How did you link up with Too Short?

I was introduced to Too Short after my performance at a party. Shortly after, he informed me that he looked up to my Bay Area uncles. They had all grown up together back in Oakland and had great respect for them. We discussed doing a song together and connecting so that I could show him some of the music I had written and a music video I had shot. I wanted him to be featured on my song, ‘Bet On Me” and we eventually became close friends.

What was your agreed upon business relationship?
He was supposed to be setting up meetings for me with A&R’s. We had specifically discussed a friend he had at Epic Records he was going to connect me with. We agreed that he would take a percentage of any deal signed.

He claimed at one point that after the allegations you tried to get back on his label and he says that’s “extortion”. What is your response to his claims?
I never agreed to sign to his label. I was unaware that he even had a label. I have never been signed to or released from Too Short’s label.

When did things go left with the business relationship?

Things went left 8 months into our business relationship when he sexually violated me and could not keep it professional. I had never been nor was I sexually active at that point. I was not in agreement and I was not ready.

What do you have to say to anyone who might think that you are lying?
I would say ask them, how would you feel if your daughter came to you with such a horrific and traumatic experience. I felt like I was being taken advantage of by a demon.

What is next for you?
What’s next for me is healing and finding myself again and making sure that Too Short pays for his crime.

Where can readers follow you or hear your music?
Readers can hear or follow my music on
YouTube |
SoundCloud | Instagram |

Check out the video for ‘Bet On Me’ below:

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