DSLR’s For Bloggers: My Photography Journey

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Hey, there fellow content creators!  This topic, the best DSLR cameras for bloggers, came by request from some of my peeps in Facebook groups who were looking to go DSLR for their blog photos. Most of us when starting out were stumped about which camera to invest in for our business.

Since I had recently done A TON of research before buying, I decided to share what camera’s I chose (spoiler: I bought more than one) and why! So keep scrolling!

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Photography has turned into something I really love but I’m a bit sad to say I’m not a natural. I’m used to being good at most things with little effort, especially creative things. It frustrates me when I’m not able to pick up creative skills quickly, but just think how much more rewarding it will feel to finally get good at something I was once so terrible at.

I decided last year I wanted to take better Instagram photos of myself.

I did some research and consulted a photographer friend to decide what kind of camera works best for me.

Upon further review, I learned I had very little skills and would likely bite off more than I could chew (or afford) buying a DSLR.

So I decided that since I was just starting out, the Sony HX80 was more in line with my price range and my skill level.


Things I LOVE about the Sony HX80
  • How easy it is to take selfies or record a Vlog using the flip around  display screen. This makes getting blog shots without my Instagram husband manageable.
  • It is so light and compact. I still do carry it everywhere.
  • It has a bunch of presets.  This makes shooting easy for a novice but also give me the option to shoot in manual when I got a bit more advanced.
  • Built in wifi.  Makes transferring photos from the camera to my phone seamless, I don’t need Hi to find wifi, I can connect to the wifi of the camera…SCORE!

Check out my favorite shot caught by my Sony HX80!

Island Vacations

With Sony in hand, snapping photos was my new favorite thing to do. I started researching more and more about cameras and equipment in the months that followed. That is when I decided that despite my skills, I would take the plunge into DSLR territory.

My Picks: DSLR’s For Bloggers

I researched and asked A LOT and decided on the Canon 1300D or Rebel T6.

Things I LOVE about the Canon Rebel T6
  • The self-recording feature is a GAME CHANGER. If you don’t have anyone to help you take pictures this is the camera for you. You can set it up and shoot remotely using your phone.
  • Interchangeable lens. You can upgrade your equipment as you progress without needing a new camera.
  • Still Lightweight. Although, you will need a camera bag and some equipment which can start adding pounds to your bag.
  • It is a blogger favorite. So I found boatloads of information on the internet about how to use it and other hacks.

Bloggers! Drop me a comment and tell me how you take pics for your social media and blog?

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