Cop Or Bop: ZO2 by Big Baller Brand

Would you pay $495 for a high-end Basketball Sneaker, released by an independent company?

I might if it didn’t look like the ghost of the And1 sneakers escaped from Hades to wreak havoc on unsuspecting sneakerheads.

Would you pay $495 for these #lonzoball #zo2 sneaks⁉️ #copOrBop

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I like the idea of supporting a black owned business instead of Nike, but if you want to do that you may want to scroll back and check out my write up on Stephon Marbury’s, Starbury brand that is made int he same factory as Nike and will only cost you $15. 

So far these ZO2’s aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, but they have been selling  (over 300 pairs sold since last Thursday), and for that price and for a player who isn’t even pro yet, that’s not a bad look. 

Read my fill write up on Hip Hop Weekly Radio!

Cop Or Bop⁉️: The ZO2 by Big Baller Brand‼️

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