Cop Or Bop⁉️: Steph Curry Debuts Both Home and Away Curry 4 Colorways In NBA Finals‼️

All of the bad reviews on Twitter must have really stuck with Steph Curry because he and Under Armour seemed to have really worked hard on making his fourth shoe with the brand as good looking as possible. And they might just have succeeded.  Steph rocked the contemporary and clean white and gold pair in Game 1 of the NBA Finals just a few days ago.

The shoe is a mid-cut with a sock-like detailing, and “SC30” imprinted on the midsole. Fans also griped about the heaviness of the Curry 2’s and 3’s, so this version promises wearers will be considerably lighter on their feet.

We also got to see the even sleeker black and gold colorway in last night’s Game 3 win in Cleveland!

Verdict: A Sorta Cop; if I needed a shoe to ball in ( I don’t…).

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