Cop Or Bop: Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Max 97 Mid!

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of rugged, mid height, old school classic rebooted (all puns intended) sneaker boots.  So when I came across these while on Instagram I was totally hype! I saw Fantasia post a photo of her Hubby Kendall Taylor rocking a pair and tagging their sneaker connect.

After scrolling his page for a minute and not seeing the shoes, I did the most basic thing ever; googled “high top air max 97s” and   Voila! There they were the Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Max 97 Mid. 

According to his interview with Nike, Riccardo Tisci believes the next big trend in fashion is honesty. The Italian designer, who has effortlessly mixed sportswear and couture throughout his career, is looking inward — remembering the things that sparked his imagination in the early years of his design.

“The future is about honesty. Everything people want seems to be honest, to be real,” Tisci explains. “People want honest clothes, honest shoes, honest everything. This is really what people look for, design-wise, color-wise and in fashion and in the way people dress.”

The #AirMax97 got an adult makeover‼️Would you #CopOrBop ⁉️

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While Tisci acknowledges (candidly) that he’s “getting older,” the interests of his youth still impact his design. Thus, he’s given the Air Max 97 a mature twist — befitting of his ‘sportswear meets luxury’ aesthetic. He’s kept the shoe’s soul: The shape, the tooling, and the length. But, he’s also not been shy about bringing in elements of himself.

“I gave it more height because I think its much more ‘street;’ it’s typical of me,” Tisci says.

Verdict: I would totally cop these for me or my beau!

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