Cop Or Bop: Air Vapor Max Chukka Slip

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Happy Cop or Bop Wednesday!

For the second week in a row, the Vapor Max has tickled my fancy. This time its the Nike Air Vapor Max Chukka Slip Sneakers

Featuring a cut upper, a signature swoosh printed logo and a neoprene overlay. The lace less technology makes for easy (unless you mean Fly Knit) take on and take off. Both released back in December so you should have no issue getting these, I even included an affiliate link* below if you want to buy them.

These come in both black and white.

Would you Cop or Bop?


*If you buy using my link I would receive a tiny commission that I would immediately invest in a cup of coffee. You can tell your friends you fed a blogger today!*

Cop or Bop: Air Vapor Max Chukka Slip…Buy Now!

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