3 Places You Can Go TODAY To Find New Clients

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I don’t consider myself a newbie to blogging. But I would consider myself new to truly viewing my blog as an online business. Monetizing your blog takes a ton of deliberate effort. Oh yeah, and lots of CLIENTS! Attracting your ideal client is one part skill and three parts putting yourself in front of the people who need your services.

Taking on your first clients can be very intimidating.

I remember always struggling with how much to charge for my services. I simply did not have the confidence to ask for what I knew I was worth, so I ended up getting caught in the vicious cycle of working pro bono. I would justify it by saying it would be the test of my skills, five ‘tests‘ and over 20,000 followers later, I realized I was leaving all my own money on the table.

I started blogging for a pretty popular hip-hop magazine in 2016 and all of a sudden, what I wrote mattered to people. This brief blogging job gave me the courage to demand my worth and you should too!




Attend a conference.

Attending an industry conference is two folds of greatness. Not only do you get to learn from some of the bests in your niche, but you can network your butt off with colleagues and potential clients. Conferences are such a melting pot of talent and needs that you are bound to link up with someone who is shopping for your services. 75% of my new clients in 2017, I met at an event I spoke at in Wilmington, Delaware. They are repeat clients; some have even referred me to some additional clients, many I now even consider friends.

Join Facebook Groups

I cannot express how helpful Facebook groups have been to my business! No matter what your niche, I can practically guarantee you that there is a group about it. In these groups, you can ask questions, offer advice, and my favorite, which is learning about new techniques and opportunities. Without having found facebook groups I would not have been able to monetize my blog. These groups are also a great place to establish your influence by answering questions and rising up the ranks of expertise. Go up to the search bar of your Facebook App and type in “blogging/Instagram/Influencers/Blog engagement” to get you started with a few groups. Many have strict rules and qualifications for membership, so make sure you read all the rules or you could get banned (in some groups it’s THAT serious)!

Answer and Ask Questions on Quora

Expanding on the expertise you could build helping fellow bloggers in Facebook groups, Quora offers the same value but at a much more visible rate. If you aren’t familiar with Quora, think of it as the snarky grandson of AskJeeves. You can create a profile, add links to your social media and website and basically set up shop from there. Readers can “upvote” your answers and slowly but surely your influence and subsequently your expertise will rise. Much like Pinterest, Quora is basically a social search engine. Gaining command of this medium could mean tons of eyes on your blog, and hopefully a few people interested in working with you.


Clients are your bread and butter no matter what your industry is.  Scouting new clients and managing the ones you already have can consume your entire day. If you sell a product or offer a service on your website, seeking marketing help with customer onboarding, user adoption, and general customer success can be the difference between whether people are buying from you or not. Get the right people on your team that can help you close more sales!


Do you have a tip to share about how to attract more clients? I am eager to hear it! Drop your best tip in the comments and help someone else reach their business goals!

19 Replies to “3 Places You Can Go TODAY To Find New Clients

  1. These are helpful tips. I also have had good luck with simple word of mouth. I let family, friends, clients and anyone know that I am available for new work.

    1. You know Heather, that’s a simple concept I didn’t think to add (or implement). I could start building my email list with family and friends.

  2. Great Tips! Thanks for sharing! There are times that I feel like I’m not doing all I can to attract the right clients and these are great tips!

  3. I am a photographer and yes attracting clients can be difficult. A lot of times having current clients just referring you is sometimes the best. But I try everything I can!

    1. I guess none of us have it easy with client scouting and retention. But at least we know it’s common to struggle a bit at first.

  4. As someone who has recently gone freelance, I found these tips really useful so thank you for sharing! Facebook groups and social media, in general, are SO useful when it comes to finding new clients.

    1. I’m always so delighted to see another Shannon. Anyways, congrats on your leap to freelancing! I hope to do the same very soon! Good luck and glad these tips helped.

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