The 5 Business Tools I Use Every Single Day!

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As another long week comes near it’s close, I would like to give you something to think about this weekend and talk about the business tools I use every day. Some may not seem like “tools” at all, but if you want to maximize your daily productivity, you should attempt to implement these tools into your operational strategy!

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Going into blogging, I never really saw it as a legit way to make money. And I certainly didn’t see it as an actual career choice I was making! It took many years for me to be able to actualize myself doing this full time. Why? Mainly because I didn’t have the correct tools and especially because I was not treating my blog as a business.

Jump Start Your Blogging Business

Don’t wait around like I did. Start envisioning your blog as a commodity that others will eventually (if they haven’t already) subscribe to; literally and figuratively. Today I am sharing my list of tools I use daily that help me manage my blog in a professional and smooth manner.

audible, amazon 1. Audible. One thing as a business owner you are sure to be short on is time. I maximize each day’s productivity by listening to audio books while at the gym, at work, or when doing chores. It guarantees that I get to finish at least one book per month which should be a goal of any business guru! Audible is free to try.  Even better, the audible app recently added some cool features like channels, which are niche specific and are when you want some good listening but maybe only have time for a short story or podcast. Sign up and you will get 2 free books during your trial! Can I recommend The Power of Habit?

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My actual hand. I take this thing everywhere!

2. A Good Planner/Organizer. I am literally useless without my calendar. Recently I discovered the Productivity planner and it was a game changer. I’ve always prided myself on being a great multitasker but I realized I was just scratching the surface of my to-do list and wasn’t actually completing anything. The productivity planner promotes single-tasking. Yes, you read that correctly. Focusing on one task only for 25-minute chunks at a time.  As a business owner, you can sometimes find yourself with a permanent void of time. You will need help to make sure you maximize your time each day. Get a planner you love and crush every single goal!


tailwind, content management 3. Content Automation Tools. Having great content is only half the battle. Once you get your amazing thoughts on paper,  you will still need to promote, promote, promote. Pinterest is great for getting your blog views up. You pretty much cannot consider yourself in business these days if you are not representing your offerings on social media. Remembering to post AND knowing when your audience is actually online requires a great deal of research on your part. When we think of social media, we always go to Facebook and Instagram first but with all the algorithms going on, getting genuine UNPAID engagement is next to impossible. But don’t sleep on Pinterest!

Pinterest is more of a search engine and can drive traffic to your blog in the biggest way. I know, I know, but you know nothing about Pinterest. But that’s where Tailwinds comes into play! They take all of the guesswork out of pinning. I personally use Tailwind and in 6 weeks my blog went from 9k monthly viewers to 172k 213K! You can use Tailwind to explode your traffic too! Depending on the size of your blog, it might be a good idea for you to also give yourself some peace of mind by backing up your data and enlisting a company who can seamlessly assist you with master data management. If your site ever crashed, having data management could be a blog saver!

Business Tools I Love

4. Team Sharing Software- If you have a team of people working with you or even if you just like to jot down notes to yourself, it’s nice to use an app that can accommodate whatever your needs are. I personally use Evernote.  It stores all my screen grabs and even media files I drop into it. Not to mention, how easy it is to search my notebooks for information. Another popular app for this is Trello. Depending on how many people you collaborate with, one of these apps should emerge as a favorite.


quickbooks, accounting 5. Accounting Software or an actual Accountant. This is one I avoided for a very long time. I did my own taxes and managed my own finances, now looking back, to my peril. I was spending a ton of money on business expenses every year and not claiming any of it on my taxes. When I received my first 1099 this year from blogging (YAY). I was slightly bummed out at the thought of having to pay taxes on this meager income. Since I was no longer in the 1040 EZ category, I had to break down and get an account, and that was the best thing I could have done! Outside of my tax questions that for me require a professional, generating invoices and keeping up with what comes in and out is super easy with Quickbooks and it is also very user-friendly.

One of the greatest parts of being a business owner is running the entire thing on your terms! Finding the best tools to help you get the job done requires much trial and error but just keep testing, trying, and most importantly, LEARNING!  Do you have tools your business cannot live without? Drop me a comment and share it! It might just become my 6th favorite business tool!

12 Replies to “The 5 Business Tools I Use Every Single Day!

  1. I’ve just started using tailwind, I was a bit skeptical to start with but I’ve noticed a huge difference in the traffic to my blog so I swear by it now!

  2. I haven’t tried tailwind yet and I have been struggling with Pinterest for some time. I think it is time I give this a go. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I so love Audible, I can get housework done and get through a book or 2 a month. 🙂 And I’ve been curious about Tailwind, definitely going to check it out now! That sounds like you got amazing traffic!

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