Generating Money To Build Your Blog!

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Trying to build your blog is a full-time job. Take a look around the internet, you will see nothing but bloggers who make six-figure incomes, live lavish lives, and seem to literally  “wake up like this”. But as I delve deeper into this business, I am learning something I have always known to be true…


I know, shocking!  But even if you were not shocked, I was totally blown away by how much people lied about the bank they were earning from their blogs. Check out this article for a pretty accurate description of the blogging climate.

While there are certainly ways to make a ton of cash from your writing, it’s not as typical as you think, and often it requires you to shell out some cash up front.

Three Income Streams To Explore
  • Affiliate Marketing– This one is tricky and so time-consuming. The good news is you just need one GREAT link to make money, but arriving at that perfect viral pin won’t be without its share of heartbreak. Three years after I posted a leather converse, the photo went viral. I went from 2000 followers to 40,000 in one weekend.
  • Selling Products– Once they launch a successful blog its only right that bloggers attempt to spread the wealth by offering courses, one-on-one coaching, or by writing an Ebook.
  • Subscription/Membership Services– There are membership services for entertainment blogs, purchasing stock photos, and even for niche specific communities that share information. Find out what you can offer and sell it exclusively to your audience.

Accessing The Funds To Build Your Blog

There are many tools (Tailwinds, Izea, Fiverr) and services such as hiring a virtual assistant, that can catapult your blog earnings, but all of those services will cost you money. If you want to accelerate the cash flow process, you could always jump start your business with either self-employed loans or a hard money loan.  

Getting serious about your blogging is an inevitable step you will need to take if you want to blog full-time. The easiest way to get started is to just invest in your brand and be patient. If you have the funds to enlist help right away, by all means, do it! If you need to fumble through it on your own, that is fine too.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Do you have a unique way you make money from your blog? If so, please share below in the comments. Your tip could help a fellow blogger get their start!

26 Replies to “Generating Money To Build Your Blog!

  1. I have had my blog for about a year but I have yet not earned any money. I am only doing blogging as a hobby so far. But it would be lovely to be able to earn some money on it. I still have a lot to learn so thanks for sharing this!

    1. I’ve just recently been able to monetize after over 3 years! Try Izea, they send me influencer work all the time! Their project are straightforward and have a quick turnaround! There is a link to their site in the blog.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Making money is the #2 problem of bloggers. (#1 is traffic.)
    I feel I am on the right path…
    My blog is 4 months old, it made me over $300 so far.
    Of course I also spent money on courses…
    And the time I have put into it would amount to thousands of dollars if I just calculate minimum wage.
    I actually put together something called the “Blog Earnings Troubleshooter” where I reviewed many reasons why a blog doesn’t earn money.
    Blogging is not easy, and the “laptop lifestyle” is BS.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I’m a bit on the lost side when it comes to figuring out monetization. I don’t want a get rich plan as I would be happy with a just couple hundred dollars each month. I’ll keep plugging along!

    1. Ditto for me. I work full time so a little cushion is all I need. You can find many people looking to work with mircobloggers now so work on engagement not numbers. Good luck!

    1. I’m glad it was helpful. It took me years to learn how to get my blog out there. I hope you can take this info and hit the ground running a lot faster than I did!

  4. The way I’ve managed to actually start making money from blogging is to stop accepting free work. If someone wants to send me their product, I’ll happily talk about it on my IG stories IF I like the product, but I’m not going to go through the effort of styling a shoot for that free product, as I end up spending more in money and time than the product is usually worth. Loved these tips BTW! xo, Brittany Nicole |

    1. You are so right! It takes major confidence to not accept free collabs. It took me forever to stop lowballing myself and at times I KNOW I still do. Work in progress. I’m glad your blog is doing well!

  5. The link you included (the truth about making money or something like that) was like traveling to Alice and Wonderland only for bloggers. Wish I had come across this 2 years ago. Great advice and finally some real talk about the reality of making a living from blogging. Will be rereading and reflecting. Just may change the direction of my brand.

  6. Really loved reading this! I’ve had my blog for about 10 months and I finally feel ready to turn it into a full-on-biz! I love that you included multiple streams of income! so so so important!

  7. Ive been blogging for about 7 months now and I’m finally getting the hang of affiliate marketing. I’m hoping that eventually I can utilize that along with selling products to truly begin to make an income from my blog.

  8. Great advice! My blog is still really new, and I’m starting to post a little more consistently on Instagram and the blog itself. Looking forward to growing it and monetizing it eventually!

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