Black Girls Read: Grace Byers Releases Children’s Book For Brown Girls

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As if I needed another reason to love Empire Star Grace Byers! The Caymanian beauty is a superb actress, a total sweetheart, one-half of ‘relationship goals’, and now we can add (although I already secretly suspected this) Woke AF Children’s book creator.

The starlet uploaded a boomerang video of her holding her new Children’s book, “I Am Enough”!

“This time, two years ago, this was just a spark – a flicker – a flame of an idea. Now as I see this book illuminated before my eyes, I’m in complete awe of its blaze. Please allow me to humbly introduce you to; ‘I Am Enough’. I never considered myself a writer but, like all of us, I had something to say. In light of this, I feel so many things; vulnerability, gratitude, humility, thrill, excitement, purpose. I hold in my hand the words I would have said to my 8-year-old self. Now, I can’t wait to share them with children all over the world and with you.”

The book hits stores on March 6, 2018. #IAmEnough

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