Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Are #DivorceGoals !

Amber Rose sets #DivorceGoals with her recent settlement from Hip Hop superstar, Wiz Khalifah.  Well not as big as she would have had she NOT signed a pre-nup. However, she was smart enough to negotiate some take-a-way money upon entering official singledom.  She will be awarded 1 Million dollars for the 1 year (14 months to be exact) of marriage to Wiz.






She has already received $356,000 of the payout and will soon see the remaining $644,000. She also scored $14,800 in monthly child support for their 3 year old son Sebastian. There were originally some talk  of up to $5,000 in spousal support also but I am not sure if that offer was taken off of the table due to the generous child support allowance.


Not that Ambi needs the help with the June 17th premeiere of her own VH1 show and the rising populatity of her controversial annual “Slut Walk”.


Reports claim the former flames celebrated their divorce by hitting a strip club together.

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