Wedding Announcement: New Last Name Who Dis⁉

2017 was an incredible year. One of the best on record; but a bit random nonetheless.  Some absolutely surprisingly amazing things happened like I got married! So many people were like, “but you didn’t even tell me you were getting married.” Well, probably because I didn’t even know or better yet have any intentions of taking the leap.

Boobae and I had settled perfectly into the idea of being life partners for the duration. So much so that even at my birthday lunch with our moms we fought them tooth and nail on the “What are your intentions” question. Funny enough, it was his mom who seemed on shaky ground about weither I just planned on getting her son pregnant and leaving him. Although there is no man I would rather dump two kids and take off to Hollywood on, I always knew he was my forever guy. Which is why I probably didn’t care so much about “locking him down”, because I knew I already had. Just a few weeks after that birthday dinner, Boobae and I would have a casual conversation about bills and finances and would discover a grave disparity.

Matching Tats…Rings Don’t Come Off‼️

Wedding, fingertats, marriage, couples, love, relationshipsWe set some 2017 end of the year goals that for me included paying down some hospital and medical debt I had from a surgery in 2015. Long story short, through this examination we discovered that my health insurance was decent but extremely high in overall hidden costs. His was less than $10 and adding me would take him just under a whopping $13. It’s 2017, so he went to HR to check if there was a new aged way to add me to his policy but there was only one;  get married.

Not surprised, I said something to the effect of “welp” and kept watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. We had been sipping so when he said, “What if we just got married?”  I literally just changed the subject. I laughed two days later when he said it again. This time chalking it up to the squat challenge I was in the middle of.  ‘Maybe that thang sittin’?’ I thought to myself. If you knew BooBae, you would know this dude plays ALL DAY LONG. So when he said it a third time with no hint of a smile, I actually stopped and thought, “Really??” He said, “yeah, really!”  So the shotgun non-planning began.

Two Become One

couples, wedding, marriage, love, blacklove, lifestyleblog, goodblogsIt took us about a week to go get the marriage licenses which meant we now had 60 days to seal the deal. We picked 10/10 for sentimental reasons (we can remember it) and now just over a month later I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision!

We enjoyed a weekend pre-honeymoon in NYC and then had a small dinner party for our families the following weekend.

In exactly one month we will embark on our REAL honeymoon to continue celebrating our marital bliss! #CantWait

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