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Happy Money Crush Monday!

Today we will jump into part two of my post about my new favorite apps. Last week we discussed three apps that will help ramp up your savings plans, and this week I will share three apps that I use to actually put a few extra pennies back into my savings.

One thing that I’ve learned in 2017 from my savings travels and also from the Warren Buffett HBO documentary that I watched a few months back is that money; all money, no matter how great or small the amount, adds up. I know a lot of people feel that if they can’t save a significant dollar amount, usually some arbitrary sum that they have created in their head, then it’s not really worth it to set money aside. But that could not be further from the truth! Saving something even as small as five dollars can compound into a lot if you just don’t touch it. The more you save and the more your money grows the more you will realize that the hardest part about saving is the art of never touching it.

Aye, there’s the rub…

Now I’ve said all this to say that you’re not gonna make a ton of money from these apps but like we just learned every little bit counts, especially when we’re talking about getting free money awarded for things you already do every day.


    Achievemint– Achievemint is a fitness tracking app that pays you $10 for every 10,000 points you earn for fitness related tasks that you sync with the app. The App will pull from your Apple Health (or Android equivalent), MyFitnesPal, FitBit, and various other apps and award you points based on your health patterns. For example, on a typical Monday, I will log three meals in My Fitness Pal, walk an average of 13,000 steps, and sleep 7 hours. Well, guess what? Achievement gives me points for all of that! The bad news is getting to 10,000 points took me approximately two and a half months with four days a week of exercise and five days of food journaling. That may sound like a lot of points to accrue for such a small sum of money, but if you are walking, sleeping, or eating anyway (aren’t we all?) why not collect $10 every quarter for it (laughing but very serious)?

    Ibotta-Ibotta is an app that enables users to earn cash back on in-store and mobile purchases with receipt and purchase verification. So basically if you shop at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or a host of other stores most of us frequent on a regular basis, you can scan your receipt for some cash back. The cash sits in your Ibotta account until you reach $20 and then you can withdraw it using either Paypal or Venmo. You can also opt to turn your cash into gift cards. The rebates and bonuses are as small as .25 or as large as $10.

    Foap/SnapwireFoap is a great app for people who love to snap pictures on their smartphone or digital camera. You are posting your photos essentially for other users or brands to purchase as stock photos. The only catch is it has to be a photo you own the rights to, because when you find a seller who wants your pictures you will be selling them the rights to that photo (which is why it’s pretty crucial that you not use other people’s photos). The app is pretty smart so it can pick up if you are attempting to upload a screen shot. I uploaded a nice beach horizon I took in the Cayman Islands to Foap and it was added to a photographer’s album. A week later someone bought the photo and I received $5 and the album creator got .25 (for doing nothing more than adding a cool pic to his personal collection). There are also photo challenges posted by brands within the app that pay on average $100-200 for photos the brands can use in their ad campaigns. Another big payout could come if your photo was picked up by Getty Images. Getty images offer you an opportunity to be added to their album and of course, that would mean way more exposure and way more $5 payments for your pictures. This app is cool if you like to take pictures or need an alternative place to post your vacation pictures for a small bit of cash. Snapwire works the same way except I have found it is more geared towards people with a digital camera and not a smartphone. The competition is a lot steeper on Snapwire but if you happen to be a budding photographer the networking and inspiration over there is endless.

    Strange Change Honorable Mention: I cannot neglect the legitimacy that is Rent-A-Friend ( yes you read that right!). People will pay you to talk to them on the phone, email back and forth, hang out romantically or platonically via this website. Pros: You decide your terms and what you plan to offer new friends. Cons: No one can save you if you happen to friend The Craig’s List Killer.

    I hope you chose to download a few of these apps and come back and let me know which one worked best for you!

    Happy #MCM!

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