#MCM: Cheap Date Ideas‼️

The key to a great relationship is taking time out to nurture said relationship. A huge part of that is keeping things fresh and how they were when you two first met. Smart couples have found an easy workaround for this in date night. Unfortunately, depending on its frequency date night can turn into a significant monthly expense fairly quickly. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here is a pretty short list I put together of date ideas that will not break the bank.

Check out a Free Museum

Here is a list of free museums in every city!  I am in Philly so I can go visit the Art Museum and also take a great photo of myself channeling my inner Rocky Balboa. Win/Win!

If you want to jazz it up, why not hop on mega bus and visit a free museum in another city (New York, DC, Boston, Baltimore are all about a $20 per person  ride give or take

Go for a Hike

Getting active has found its way to romance and I could not be happier. For one it’s a great opportunity to see what your date is made of (umm zombie attacks?!) and also it’s usually free 99!! Oh, and you get to keep your yoga pants on. This is a win/win/win! here is a list of great state parks in the US. But not too many major cities on this list. Again in Philly, I love Kelly Drive (if I want to be seen) or Valley Green ( if I want to think or be alone) for hiking, running and walking.

Coffee/Bookstore/Ice Cream and Chill

Check out a Free  Festival

I live in Philly and we have a ton of free festivals throughout the year, especially now that the weather has improved. My absolute favorite is the Night Market. Although, it no longer frequents my uptown neighborhood I have no issues traveling to sample the best of the best food trucks in the city. If you are lucky enough to also be in Philly, check out the Night Market schedule here!








*An option I don’t necessarily suggest you try at home* Crash a cookout! That is what Bae and I did this weekend!


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