IPhone 8 Teaser Video‼️

Apple just released a teaser video for the new IPhone 8 and as usual it appears to be a must have!!

The IPhone 8 features some awesome new upgrades, but there were just a few next level additions I needed to harp on for a sec❗️

Dual Selfie Cam

Whhhhhhhat?! Just take my money!! If you have a iPhone 7 plus then you already know the magnificence that is the dual camera. It sucked royally that this feature wasn’t available for the front facing camera…until now!

Air Charging

Just plug your charger in and if your phone is in range, you guessed it, it will charge your phone “remotely” without being connected by any cord.

Louder Loud Speakers

Because streaming at high volumes is very necessary 🤷🏽‍♀️

Watch the full teaser for all the new features of the upcoming  IPhone 8 and tell me what you think ❗️


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