Date Night Recap: Night At The Gun Range

Spring is certainly my favorite time of year! As a summer baby, I totally hate cold weather. You can set your watch to my hibernation from  Thanksgiving through roughly the end of March.

But Hello June‼️

Spring time includes perfect weather and a perfect time to start preparing your warm weather activity list. Every year, I provide my boyfriend with a photo-friendly list of activities I would love for him to indulge me in.

Here is the highlight reel of last Spring’s activities. We did everything from Raspberry picking to Tennis lessons‼️

We’ve already started our Spring outings and this week we got to cross going to the Gun Range off our lists! This is something we have discussed doing for a few years and it did not disappoint!

Check out the video below (sorry for the bad quality you weren’t allowed to record 😕)

What did you do this weekend?



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