💰 #MCM: 2017 Savings Check-In ‼️

Here we are, staring down the barrel of another sure to be productive week and I couldn’t be more in need of some of my own advice.

Next week, we will hit the halfway mark of 2017 and it is time for me to reflect on what I’ve done right. Historically, I prefer to dwell on everything I did wrong, but let’s try a different approach this time shall we?

Here is my recap of the challenges I’ve faced and progress I have made so far in 2017. I have organized it in the format that I evaluate everything in my life…S.W.A.T.


  • New and predictable income stream
  • New and varying second income stream
  • Full-time employment (I am a fan of this AND simultaneous entrepreneurship! Yeah it’s possible!)


  • New higher student loan payment
  • Designer coffee
  • Sneaker shopping
  • Vacation money (non-negotiable)


  • Rock solid  2017 budget
  • Daily Goal reminders
  • Hours and hours of mupping
  • Pre-Work: 2016 bill/expense overhaul


  • Unplanned expenses
  • Unplanned shopping
  • Social activities
  • The fact that I grocery shop almost daily

So what were my goals?

I have broken 2017 down into two halfs. The first half was dedicated to saving for vacation. Obviously, vacationing is my number one goal of life (don’t judge me). I set a monthly savings goal of $600 based on my bills and monthly expenses. The plan was I would save $150 per pay period from my paycheck ($300) and would also force myself to put another $300 away monthly from my side hustles. I had some expenses in the beginning of the year that forced me to officially start my plan on February 1st.

February 1- June 30

Savings Goal: $3000

Projected Savings Actual: $2650 ($2050 as of today with two pay periods left). I think it’s important to point out I EXCEEDED the goal but ended up using $500 or so on some needed (and some not needed) business (and personal) expenses.

Holy Cow! I was able to come pretty damn close to my goal (looking at this in print makes me feel bad for all the bashing I did to myself over the few hundred I  had to spend.)

My first and second quarter savings are strictly for vacation. The plan is to have all the money I need for that by 6/30 (I actually only need about $300 with $600 allotted to save. So new rompers here I come 🤷🏽‍♀️) so I can move on to my next two quarter savings plan.

The second half of my year is dedicated to saving for some serious adulting: Debt pay down/credit repair and House Saving!!!! But I will tell you more about that next week‼️



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