Hilary Duff Kisses 4-Year-Old Son In The Mouth And The Internet Goes Apeshit

Hilary Duff was photoed kissing her 4-year-old son in the mouth at Disney World and the whole internet got its panties in a bunch. People called it everything from unsanitary to plain incestuous.

Why can’t people in 2016 just let people do what they want with THEIR kids? As long as it doesn’t harm the child what does it matter to you?

#GrowingUpBlack kissing in the mouth was nothing to raise an eyebrow at; I probably won’t do it with my kids, but shit I MIGHT!

And that would be my business! Anyways…

Here is what Hilary thought of the backlash:

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Kissing your kid in the mouth is it Ok or Hell Nay?


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